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Pet Nutrition

Our nutrition consultation is done at one of our designated locations, or may be done at your house upon request (prices may vary). We will do a comprehensive analysis of your petís diet, and possible dietary deficiencies.  Your questions on nutrition will be answered with unbiased advice and our extensive nutritional knowledge will be shared with you.  The healthiest possible solution that fulfills your pet's needs will be offered, while keeping your budget in consideration.  We will offer your pet a balanced dietary plan to improve or correct nutrient deficiencies or excesses.  A follow-up  contact is included, to assure the success of the plan we have devised. One hour of professional time will be dedicated to you and your pet(s). Supplements will be recommended, where needed, for optimal health.


Nutrition Consultation



An analysis of your petís diet consists of a telephone, email, and/or fax contact to identify the needs of your individual pet(s). Home-prepared diets can be analyzed to assure that they meet the nutritional requirements of AAFCO and the NRC for dogs and cats. Combinations of home-cooked and commercial diets can be analyzed (where nutrient information is available for the desired commercial foods). One hour of professional time will be dedicated to your feeding plan, answering your questions, and making recommendations for your pet(s) diet.


Diet Analysis


Cats and dogs with medical problems need specialized diets. Some pets cannot or will not eat commercially prepared diets, and some pet owners choose to prepare the food themselves. Occasionally, a combination of medical issues require formulated recipes because no commercially available diet exists to meet the individual needs of the dog or cat. Our Pet Nutrition Consultant will work through and with your veterinarian to assure that the formulated diet is appropriate to aid and support the medical management of your petís condition. A follow-up is required; to be certain that the plan is in keeping with changes in your petís condition. Two hours of professional time will be available for updates and discussions with you and your veterinarian. Additional hours in excess of two will be billed at the rate of $100 per hour. Diet reformulations will be billed at $100 per recipe.


Our Pet Nutrition Consultation has evolved into a service that has been useful in assisting with very critical and complex cases. Some situations are life threatening emergencies, while some require day-to-day and week-to-week monitoring with the family and/or with the veterinarian until the crisis is past. All such cases are welcomed, regardless of the day or the hour, and an appropriate amount of time is devoted to the care of these patients. Two hours of professional time in addition to recipe formulations is included. One nutritionist will be assigned to each case for consistency. Hourly rates in excess of two hours will be billed at $150.00 per hour for nights and weekends, and $100.00 per hour during regular business hours.

No medical advice will be provided by Pet Nutrition Consulting. Please contact your veterinarian for all medical recommendations.